Jumat, 18 April 2008

Self Care (Workplace Stress)

"Self-Care" is individuals making their own decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment of health problems, as well as preventive care.

Stretched to the Limit
(Workplace Stress)

( Managing Employee Stress)

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Stress causes us to reveal to the world a self we would rather keep hidden (Mike Moore).

" What Would We Do Without You?"
Employee Appreciation
employee appreciation
" Your staff will gladly walk through hot coals in their bare feet for you if they feel valued and appreciated.

Caring for The Caregiver
The health and well being of those who care for others

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How can a caregiver care for others when they don't feel cared for?
Practical, effective self care strategies for nurses, doctors and other health care providers.

This is the BIGEE!!!
My most frequently requested talk
Light Up with Laughter
You'll receive long-lasting results from this keynote:

* Discover the many physical, psychological and social benefits of living a more joyful, humor filled life.

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