Minggu, 13 April 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy anniversary for both of us..

I Love You! These words sound so sweet and usually fall effortlessly from our lips. But, as we’ve been reminded this month, true LOVE is more about what we do than what we say. This Sunday we will conclude our series on LOVE by talking about one of the most elusive, misunderstood, and fabricated applications of LOVE

When relationships are new, we tend to express our love in dramatic ways - through cards, flowers, love letters and other romantic gestures. This is wonderful and is part of what makes a new romance so fun and exciting. But this romantic exuberance is difficult to maintain. The expressions of love, which were so common initially, dwindle with time as our lives and relationships grow increasingly complicated and we focus on more than just the one we love.

This isn't to say i love you any less. In fact for most, our love and commitment only deepens with time. But if this is true, why then don't we continue to flood you with expressions of our love? Perhaps we feel these things are no longer necessary - that i should know how you feel. Maybe as our lives become more complicated, we find it difficult to make time for such things. Or it just might be possible our expressions of love haven't really slowed, but rather have merely changed and become less obvious.

Love ya'